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Throughout the 16th century, Portugal used coastlines to sail to the unknown and to discover what was beyond the horizon. This country was known as the vanguard of European overseas exploration, with his Portuguese sailor, Vasco da Gama using his "CARAVELA".

It is called in Portuguese history as "The era of the Portuguese discoveries ".

Even facing the unknown and despair, they achieved their goals to discover other continents, bringing hope and prosperity to everyone.

“Water, water, everywhere,

and all the boards did shrink;

water, water, everywhere,

nor any drop to drink”

It is interesting to observe that coastlines are meant as venturing point to settle somewhere else.

Humankind didn’t use seashores as source of water knowing that they were useless for our needs. Ironically, the water is just meters away but locked in the form of salty water.

Instead, we settled closer to rivers and fresh water sources because they are key ingredients for success and prosperity.

Approximately 50% of people are living close to coastal areas but water is supplied to these locations via land-based source (river, lakes or dams)



The true value of water today, is largely underestimated. The relationship of each of us to water in the most technologically advanced societies, imbued with daily habits and behaviors, we are barely aware of its importance, unless we find water running out of taps, in wells or in holes, in dams and elsewhere.

What if we looked at this coastline as venturing point for more sustainable way of producing water?

We turn to coastlines to build desalination plants to create artificially fresh water needed for our uses.

But, current practices in desalination have undesirable side effects including the production of brine and the indirect carbon emission when generating electricity to run these plants.

FATA MORGANA as another Portuguese disruptive adventurer, will provide sustainable and alternative source of water to countries, where droughts and water scarcity are common, through a technology of continuous seawater evaporation. Bringing in this way new opportunities for everyone.

This goal will be achieved by desalinating sea water by means of the same natural resources, as it was used before by Vasco da Gama in his journey.... seawater, sun and with its unique technology.

No carbon dioxide will be produced in the process, it does not use filters or chemicals which is harming our world and no discharge of salt brine occur to the marine environment, as it will be considered as a side product, which is the salt dry out. It achieves considerably higher efficiency for the same standing area, compared to traditional desalination technologies, like RO, MSF or MED.

In this way the natural water cycle is never broken, and FATA MORGANA will be able to provide the same drinking water that was drunk before by all the other successive species on earth.


including Vasco da Gama 😉

The dream of FATA MORGANA is to connect our past, present and future, using coastlines as the interface between civilization and exploration, solving the most pressing challenge which is the shortage of drinking water, in a sustainable manner so that the human kind can prevail on the earth for a longer time.

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