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December / 2023

Partnership with  Instituto Superior Técnico which elected one MSc Student in Chemical Engineering to


collaborate in the "Desalinating sea water by means of thermal solar energy" by doing her Master's work.


All the best Samira António and a big thanks to Prof. Sebastião Alves

November / 2022

Disclosed Fata Morgana´s pitch video 

June / 2022


Present in Sustainable Blue Economy - Investment forum





June / 2022

Present in 2022 UN Ocean Conference

June / 2022


Mentorship Energy Dynamics Group, LLC, Bluffton, South Carolina, United States. Big thanks to Dixon Gourley

December / 2020:

New Logo

September /2020

Fata Morgana was present in the 3rd edition of the Startup Europe Smart Agrifood Summit and  participated in the Water Scarcity in Southern Europe - InnoWise Challenge Lab with other 9 start-up´s, in Málaga, with the sponsorship of

Check it out on

Watch between 5:37:54 and 5:45:47

Sustainable water solution
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